Dear Submissive Man,

  You come to me on bended knees and you look up at me with so much written on your face. You’re kneeling there in front of me asking, wordlessly, for what you need. You need a guide free of judgement. You need a leader free of corruption. You need a Goddess. You need compassion, […]


Bound by Love

He was standing right over her, her knees were crossed and she had only a few sips left of the red wine he had poured her before.  She knew this was about him opening up about his fantasies, and that she had told herself that she would be open to whatever he had in store […]


I Dare You

She was sipping on a glass of wine by the time he returned, holding what looked to be another mask, a riding crop and leather handcuffs. She was not naive to these objects because she had been inquiring for months about his fantasies, which she knew little about and only after constant questioning had he […]


A Midnight Fire

He guided her up the stairs after retrieving her from the limo that pulled up to his estate that Sunday evening. She had been instructed to dress in the long, white satin dress that was delivered to her London flat earlier that day. As she escalated the two flights of stairs with her lover, the […]

Miss Reyna

Miss Reyna FAQs

I seem to field the same handful of questions over and over again, so here are my answers to the most commonly-asked questions: Q: Do you play with novices? A: Yes. In fact, I love playing with novices! Inducting new players into the BDSM world is one of the most gratifying parts of my job. […]

Mistress Lexi

The Secret Life of a Dominatrix: The Inside Scoop

The Secret Life of a Dominatrix: The Inside Scoop “BDSM is an abomination! DOMINATRIXES are evil people with evil intent!” Every time I hear the way individuals bash BDSM I just smirk and demeaningly chuckle at them. The fact of the matter is that none of those idiotic statements are even close to the truth. […]

Miss Sofia Freedom

Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom It is an emptiness, a hollow feeling deep inside somewhere that is difficult to describe and seemingly impossible to fill. It gnaws at you from within, a tiny itch that grows every day as you go about your normal daily routine. It is a tiny voice that interrupts you at the office, walking […]

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Chicago Illusions’ Latex Fetish Party Part 1

Chicago Illusions’ Latex Fetish Party Part 1: The Discovery of my latex fetish I have just had the most incredible, intense experience, and all I can do now is go over it in my mind again and again.  Now I must tell you all about it—or I’m afraid the thought of it will never leave […]

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Body Worship 101 Chicago Illusions’ Miss Reyna

Body Worship 101 By Miss Reyna   For Mistresses such as myself, there are very few things that provide as much pleasure as body worship executed properly by an eager, yet disciplined submissive. Allow me to take you into one of my sessions where I will show you what it feels…sounds…and even tastes like to […]

Slave Training: Preparing to test a new submissive

Slave Training: Preparing to test a new submissive at Chicago Illusions A new potential slave is on his way in to be considered for training. As I enter the room to start preparing, I feel an instant rush of excitement. The pleasure I get from testing and exploring a new submissive is indescribable. I take a […]